Patients speak about EDs, recovery and what they want families to know...

Patients speak about EDs, recovery and what they want families to know...

Although F.E.A.S.T. is an organization focused on parents and caregivers, our reason for being here is love and support for our loved ones with eating disorders. This page is our celebration of our children, recovered and recovering. Here we listen to the voices of the ones who bring us here. Are you a former patient with a message for parents? Please email us at:


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Audio Interviews

"As much as I was told to look at what my parents had done, ultimately I blamed myself"

  • A patient in her mid-20's describes years of treatment and the use of the Family-Based Maudsley approach.
  • DC area, US. (2008)

"It was about love"

  • A patient in her early 20s describes family relationships, the Family-Based Maudsley approach, and what it feels like to be recovered.
  • Utah, US. (2008)

"I was so surprised to learn that I had anorexia... It scared me."

  • An 18-year old on her way to college describes her recovery.
  • Oregon, US. (2008)

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